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Manager Resource Center

Welcome!  Here you will find step-by step instructions on what to do next now that you know what the talent landscape of your team looks like. We call it What Now? What Next?.  Additionally, we have a variety of suggestions that will help you get the most out of your Truvelop experience in our Optimizing Truvelop page.  You will also find links to e-mail templates we have written for you to help nudge your managers and your people into using Truvelop and into getting the most out of it.

What Now, What Next?

Truvelop Tools and Guides

How to Have More Effective Manager - Team Member Conversations



Truvelop Tools and Guides

Below are a variety of tools, resources, and guides to help you level up your leadership skills. From a section highlighting best practices around Rater Reliability, to Meaningful Touchpoint guides, and everything in between, we're here to support you and your development. These additional tools will help you to optimize what you and your organization can gain from using Truvelop's performance management tool. Check back regularly as we continue to update with new content to consider! Click the links below to get started. 


Manager Reflection Guide

Want to check-in on how you're doing as a Manager? Use the Manager Reflection Guide to self-assess your progress towards becoming an effective and inspiring leader. 


Sharing Evaluation Insights with an Employee

Not sure when you want to meet with the Team Member to discuss their Evaluation Summary? This page breaks down 3 different approaches to meeting with your Team Member to discuss their current performance. 


Breaking Down Summary Reporting

The employee assessment summary isn't the only data that you can leverage in your development conversations.  Check out this page to identify even more ways to have an impactful check-in with your team.

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Truvelop Best Practices

Remember that Truvelop is only a performance management tool, it's what you do with it as a manager that will impact your results. With that in mind, the Truvelop team would like to share some best practices for you to maximize the effectiveness of the tool, fully utilizing the entire platform.


Rater Reliability

To ensure that you're getting the most out of the Evaluation process, it's important to practice strong rater reliability.  Learn more about how rater bias can affect the accuracy of data and what you can be doing to ensure you're receiving valid and reliable Evaluation results. 



We are no longer doing a set it and forget it type system.  We live in a fluid and fast paced environment, so we need agile goal setting techniques.  Establishing clear goals gives employees a sense of direction, but also gives them the ability to adjust at the checkpoints to make sure we are still on the right path. Learn more about how to set effective goals in Truvelop to support your team's growth and development. 

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Coaching Culture Guides

Some Managers may want to have specific conversations at specific periods of time.  The Coaching Culture guides take into consideration where the Team Member is in their journey, helping you to tailor your approach to each specific type of check-in.  

By personalizing your approach, you can encourage meaningful reflection and set an intentional direction forward, ensuring efficient growth and development for your Team Members.


Meaningful Touchpoint Guides

Coming into development conversations prepared and with a sense of purpose can lead to a more productive and meaningful experience for everyone involved. 

These guides will help you to: Reflect on what you know about this Team Member, Ready the Team Member with a collaborative plan forward, and Review and revise goals and behaviors to ensure efficient and meaningful development.


Proactive Management Cue Cards

Once you've completed baseline Evaluations and know how your team is currently performing, it's time to deliver tailored feedback to best support their needs.  The Cue Cards highlight what it means for a Team Member to be this type of performer, why it matters, and shares actionable next steps and conversation starters. Download the Proactive Management Cue Cards for guidance on the go. 

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Truvelop Toolkits

Each month, managers receive a toolkit that organizes various Truvelop resources into an easily digestible packet. Instead of sifting through our robust Knowledge Center, you'll have relevant resources right at your fingertips. Take a look at our previous toolkits here.

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User Community Lunch and Learns

Each month, our Customer Success Team leads a Lunch and Learn for Managers.  Each meeting focuses on one theme or topic surrounding the employee experience, allowing us to take a deep dive into why this topic matters, how it affects Team Members, and what Managers can be doing to best support their team.  


TruTalk Blogs

2-3 times a week, our team publishes a blog that highlights a best practice, workforce trend, or another topic that could benefit organizations and their people.  Be sure to check-back often to see the latest news and learn more about how you can best support your team. 


Truvelop Tips

Every other week, our team emails Managers with best practices, functionality highlights, and tips and tricks to best support their teams.  Managers are receiving quick-hit messaging that guides them on how they get the most out of Truvelop to inspire and engage their teams.  Take a look at our previous messages here

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Having More Effective Manager-Team Member Conversations

How to Have Tough Conversations With Team Members


How to Use Conversations and Feedback to Determine which Team Members are Ready for Growth


How to Set Expectations and Goals with Team Members


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