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Welcome to Truvelop’s FAQ Center!

With the following resources, you’ll become a Truvelop pro in no time. If you run into any issues or have any additional questions, be sure to reach out to support@truvelop.com and we will help you 1:1. 

Getting Started

To login for the first time, check your email for login and registration instructions from noreply@truvelop.com to validate your account and set your password. Be sure to check your spam or junk folder.

Your username is the email we have for you on file. 

Can’t find the registration email? No worries. Go to https://www.truvelop.com/ and click login at the top right of the page. Enter your email address as the username and click “reset password” and create a new password.

To use Truvelop on the go, download the Truvelop mobile App. 









Be sure to upload your picture and enable SMS notifications on your user profile so you can receive Sparks, performance summaries, and notifications via SMS text. Click here to watch a quick video on how this works.

Welcome Toolkits

Are you new to Truvelop? Download a Welcome Toolkit based on your role in Truvelop:

  • New Manager

    Welcome to Truvelop! Download the New Manager Toolkit for resources, guides, and walk-throughs to help you get the most out of your Truvelop experience.

    New Manager Toolkit

  • New Employee

    Welcome to Truvelop! Download the New Employee Toolkit for resources, guides, and walk-throughs to help you get the most out of your Truvelop experience.

    New Team Member Toolkit

  • New Admin

    Welcome to Truvelop! Download the New Admin Toolkit for resources, guides, and walk-throughs to help you get the most out of your Truvelop experience.

    New Admin Toolkit

Truvelop Features

Truvelop is broken down into 6 main features, each with their own unique purpose and function. Looking for guidance? Check out each feature at your own pace with the resources below. 

  • Proprietary Quick Assessment

    Let the Employee know where they stand with an Evaluation. This will help to build feelings of competence and is a great opportunity to measure and celebrate progress. There is also an increase in trust, especially since Truvelop’s validated Evaluation has a 95% Accuracy Rating.

    • With just 15 questions, Managers gain insight into their team’s current performance. The assessment takes just 2-5 minutes to complete.
    • Companies pick an Evaluation cadence that makes the most sense for them. We’ve seen bi-annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly and everything in between.
    • It all starts with the Initial Talent Assessment. Based on how your answer the 15 questions, Data Insights are then generated by Truvelop’s algorithm and pushed to both Managers and Employees, saving you the time and energy of summarizing the employee’s behaviors. 
    • Truvelop’s algorithm uses ONLY the answers to the 15 questions. Any comments added will not affect the score. However, Comments are a great way to memorialize why you answered the questions the way that you did. 
    • Keep in mind that once you submit your Evaluation, you will not be able to go back and see how you answered the 15 questions. This is to prevent comparison bias and to always keep the focus on current behaviors. Because you won’t be able to view past answers, your comments are going to be that much more important for helping you and other leaders to remember what was going on during that performance period and why the employee scored the way that they did. 

    To get started, check out our walk-through videos for completing an Evaluation. 





  • Spark for Real-Time Feedback and Coaching

    Use Spark to praise, coach, and inspire your individual direct reports. By memorializing the touchpoint, Managers and Employees are staying up to date on what's going well, what they're working to improve, and what they need support on. While the Evaluation measures performance, Spark is what really moves the needle. 

    • Share praise to reinforce the right behaviors.
    • Show your Employee you believe in their potential by setting goals and coaching their development.
    • Memorialize 1:1 meeting takeaways.
      • Employees can respond with their focus points as well.
    • Distribute onboarding materials to a group of new hires.
    • Share training opportunities with your team.
    • Leverage Spark to connect in real-time with your entire organization. Onboarding, training, policy updates, general announcements, and more can be delivered via text and email, making it easy to distribute information to your entire team.

    Get started today by watching one of our how-to videos:





    Looking for a walk-through instead?

  • Recognition Wall

    The Recognition Wall is used to publicly celebrate your team. Anyone in the organization can post to it, making it a great tool for bringing everyone together as one team. Celebrate your culture and your people to create a positive and supportive environment. 

    • Celebrate an Employee who went above and beyond.
    • Peers can recognize each other for helping them out.
    • Welcome new hires to the team.
    • Celebrate workplace birthdays and anniversaries.
    • Reinforce your organization's culture by highlighting moments when someone exhibits a core value.

    Ready to get started? Check out our how-to videos below:





    Want a walk-through instead?



  • Unlimited Surveys

    The Truvelop Evaluation isn't the only way to collect data. With Survey, you can gain additional information about your team and their experience. Survey can be a great tool for showing your organization that you care about their thoughts, opinions, and overall experience.

    • Pulse-check your team with an Engagement Survey.
    • Ask your employee about how their Manager is doing with a Manager Effectiveness Survey.
    • Gauge onboarding effectiveness with a 30/60/90 review for New Hires.
    • Collect reactions around new initiatives.
    • Conduct self-assessments to drive reflection going into year-end or an anniversary discussion.
    • Plan for Succession with readiness related questions after the Truvelop Evaluation.

    Learn more with our How-To Videos:






  • Knowledge Center for Managers and Employees

    The Truvelop Knowledge Center is both Manager and Employee facing. Managers have access to resources and guides to help them level up their leadership competencies, while Employees can find best practices and recommendations for how they can increase their autonomy and be a leader in their development journey.

    • What Now, What Next? guides both Managers and Employees on how to best navigate their next development conversation based on their most recent Evaluation summary.
    • Managers can leverage the various guides and templates to support them strategize team development and have meaningful touchpoints at any stage of the employee's journey.
    • Employees learn more about how to boost their engagement and motivation, all while advocating for the best possible employee experience.

    Need help accessing all of our resources? Check out the videos below:






  • Data Driven Insights, Analytics, and Reporting

    After each Evaluation, both Managers and Employees are delivered insights that identify how the employee is currently performing, why that matters, and what they can do to have the greatest positive impact on development. These insights are generated directly from Truvelop's proprietary algorithm, based on how the Manager answers each Evaluation question.

    • Based on current performance, both Managers and Employees can take the Evaluation Summary and directly apply it to the next development conversation.
    • Each employee is going to have different needs - the Evaluation Insights take the guesswork out of where the Manager can have the greatest impact.
    • Celebrate progress or help the employee get back on track with the Trend Status.
    • The key piece with our data-driven insights is that they are meant to open a relevant conversation around current performance and development opportunities. When Managers and Employees know exactly where the employee stands today, their focus can be on actionable next steps to drive growth. 

    Need help accessing the Team Member Dashboard? Check out the videos below:






    Need help accessing My Dashboard? Check out the videos below:






    Our reporting isn't just limited to the individual. Every time leadership accesses Truvelop, they see a high level overview of the talent landscape. Users get a break down of who are the top, steady, and lagging performers, who is trending upward or downward, which departments have seen the greatest growth, etc.

    • Plan for succession by easily identifying high potential performers and talent gaps.
    • Inform your overall engagement strategy by determining which departments/teams need the greatest support.
    • Measure real-time organizational growth.
      • Within a year of using Truvelop, our customers see their organization Evaluation average increase by 1.5 grades (B to A-, A- to A, etc.) on average.
    • Supplement the Truvelop dashboard with your weekly utilization report.

    Need help navigating the Truvelop Dashboard? Our walk-through videos are a great place to start.