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August 2021 – Transparent Communication

Happy August!  This month we are putting a focus on Transparent Communication.  When we communicate honestly and openly, we are creating trust between ourselves and our Team Members.  Trust and transparency go a long way in terms of building a Team Member’s confidence and autonomy. On the opposite end, a lack of trust can disrupt the employee experience, engagement, and productivity.  Does your team currently exhibit trust? 

  • Communication – Do your Team Members communicate regularly with you?  Do you always have to seek out the Team Member to check-in, or will they come to you? 
  • Honesty – Do your Team Members share feedback with you?  Do they share accurate depictions of their work and their engagement? 
  • Feedback – How do your Team Members react to feedback?  Are they ever defensive?  
  • Respect – How do your Team Members handle conflict?  Do they come together to move forward?  
  • Accountability – Will your Team Members come to you if they make a mistake?  

In order to build trust, we must start with Transparent Communication.  We can be honest and stay positive in our feedback.  We can back up our words with our actions.  With Truvelop, we want to give you the tools to be transparent and communicate effectively and efficiently.   

  1. Evaluation Summaries:  With the Evaluation Summary, you get a quick snapshot into where that team member stands today and how you can elevate their performance.  Once you complete an Evaluation, talk to your Team Member about their summary and why you answered the questions the way you did.  Share your observations in an objective way and leave room for the Team Member to share their experience.   
  2. Proactive Coaching:  With Spark, you have the ability to document any Coaching feedback you may be sharing with a Team Member.  Stay proactive and guide your Team Member towards the positive behavior change.  Once they’ve implemented the coaching feedback, follow-up with a Praise Spark to reinforce the behavior.  The extra step of recognizing change shows your Team Member your investment in their development, building their trust in you.   
  3. Connecting Back to Values:  Whether you are connecting actions back to the organization’s values or suggesting training that would support a Team Member’s career goals, always aim to bring meaning to a behavior.  By attaching a value to a behavior, you are again showing your Team Member your investment in their development.  Rather than just saying “do this instead,” or “this was good,” share why an action mattered.  This added layer creates more transparency and really helps the Team Member to understand the importance of their work.   

July was a busy month for Truvelop! Here’s what you may have missed: 

  • User Community Lunch and Learn: Encouraging Team Member Autonomy 
  • Launch of the Employee Resource Center: Now your Team Members can have even more control over their development with Truvelop 
  • New Features in Truvelop: We added a Recognition Wall tab, added new Emojis, broke up Summary and Score reporting, and added even more Data-Driven Insights  

A key component to encouraging transparent communication is trust. Trust between a Manager and Team Member boosts engagement and retention. In assessing employee development and performance, productivity, achievements, and the overall quality of relationships and collaboration between team members, it’s important to build trust within your team. 

Let’s talk about checking in, adding meaning to evaluations, and giving real-time feedback. As a Manager, you can utilize Truvelop to build trust within your team and help develop a culture of transparency in your organization. 

  1. Checking-In. Being intentional with your check-ins can make a major difference in showing our Team Members that you care about them more than just what they’re able to contribute for the organization. Additionally, in a time where personal and professional lives are more merged than ever, don’t be afraid to check in with your Team Member as a whole person. 84% of employees believe that check-ins are important, with the younger generations believing that they are “very important” (YouGov). Next time you’re having a check-in, try to include a conversation about what your Team Members are doing to recharge or what they are most proud of from this past week.  
  2. With each Evaluation, add Comments. Help your Team Member understand the context by documenting behaviors and actions that resulted in their score. Leaving a comment allows for a deeper understanding of their performance, attitude, and development. Once you share the General Comment, find out the Manager’s Action for that Team Member. Truvelop is designed to initiate manager and team member conversations. Start by following the insights included with each score. 
  3. Give real-time feedback when it counts. The more touchpoints the better to increase engagement and build trust. Increase communication between you and your team members through Spark. When you see a team member doing something exceptional, memorialize it. Make sure to utilize the Recognition Wall! Showing appreciation publicly can help individuals to feel valued within their organization, increasing engagement and productivity in the workplace. Additionally, when you stay proactive in your coaching, you can mitigate the number of tough conversations you need to have with our team.  


Updated on October 31, 2023
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