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Spark Additional Filter

You may have noticed something different about Group Spark today. Over the weekend, our team pushed out our latest enhancement: Spark Additional Filter.  Spark Additional Filter is an additional option to select which end users you want to Spark. Note: You do not have to use the filter if you don’t want to – this is meant to make it easier when selecting a large group of users to Spark (for example, you’re Sparking an entire department or team or all Managers). If you do not wish to use the filter, you can simply disregard the additional filter and Spark as normal (add users from the Add Team Members box).  

How Spark Additional Filter Works 

To send a Group Spark, first go to the Spark tab from the navigation menu.   

From here, you can click on the Add Team Members box and add your Spark recipients as normal, or you can click on Additional Filter to find users from a group.  

When you click on Additional Filter, there are several types of filtered groups in the drop-down menu.  

  • Role: Truvelop defined role (Manager, Non-Manager, Admin, etc.) 
  • Department: The department the user is assigned to in Truvelop
  • Team: The team the user is assigned to in Truvelop (not all organizations leverage teams, so this may be blank for your organization)
  • Position: The position title assigned to this user in Truvelop 

Once you have selected the filter type, you can view all groups under this section. Select the group(s) that you’d like to view. On mobile, click Select Team Members once you have selected the roles, departments, teams, or positions.  

From here, you can start selecting the users from this group that you’d like to include in your Spark. You can even search for a specific user. If you’re sending a Spark to the entire group, you can just click Select All from the top right corner. Be sure to click Submit once you’ve selected the users you’d like to Spark.   

Once you hit Submit, you’re able to see the selected users in the Add Team Members box. Now you’re ready to create your Spark as normal.  


Updated on October 30, 2023
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