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Optimizing Truvelop

Here you will find our Recommended Best Practices, User Community Lunch and Learns, and information about Rater Reliability. These additional tools will help you to optimize what you and your organization gain from using Truvelop. Check back regularly as we continue to update with new content to consider!



Rater Reliability

Before beginning an evaluation, it is essential that we do a quick self-check-in to make sure we are in the right mindset.  If we are too emotional or tired, our evaluation can become skewed, giving us inaccurate insights into our employee.  Explore this page to learn more about Rater Reliability, the types of Rater Bias to look out for, and questions that you can ask yourself to ensure accurate data collection.  


Truvelop Best Practices

Remember that Truvelop is only a tool, it's what you do with it as a manager that will impact your results. With that in mind, the Truvelop team would like to share some best practices for you to maximize the effectiveness of the tool, fully utilizing the entire platform.

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Goal-Setting in Truvelop

When considering talent development, it is important to have a sense of direction.  Setting goals can help us determine where we want to go and how we are going to get there.  Check out this page for more information about the types of goals, different techniques for goal-setting, and how you can set and track goals in the Truvelop app.  

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Truvelop Blog Posts

Check out our latest blog posts!  Here you will find opinions and insights on relevant and timely topics.  From important lessons to new strategies, we cover it all.  Stay up to date on the latest organizational development trends with us!

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User Community Lunch and Learns

Every month, our Customer Success Team hosts a User Community Lunch and Learn to introduce and explore a variety of relevant ideas and workplace trends.  Below are the recorded sessions, sorted newer to older.  Reach out to support@truvelop.com with any topics you want to hear about in our next Lunch and Learn!

Using Meaningful Reflection to Renew Commitment

In December's Lunch and Learn, Truvelop Managers came together to learn about the importance of reflection and the different types of reflection they can be using. They also reviewed the various tools in Truvelop that can help make the reflection process as easy as possible. Lastly, Managers explore how they can connect the reflection process to their new year commitments by identifying the gaps and obstacles to success and how they can overcome those barriers.

Giving Thanks to Give It Your All

With the holidays on the way, we wanted to take a moment to reflect and give thanks. Practicing regular gratitude has been shown to improve physical and mental health, strengthen relationships, and decrease stress. With so many positives associated with expressing gratitude, we decided to highlight some examples of how Managers can express gratitude to their team, to their organization, and to themselves. This Lunch and Learn finished with a guided gratitude meditation led by Truvelop's Customer Success Team Member Juliana Withers.

Putting the Focus on Retention

In October's Truvelop User Community Lunch and Learn, Customer Success Team Member Juliana Withers collaborates with CEO and Co-Founder Lisa First-Willis to explore the root causes of why people are resigning at some of the highest rates we've ever seen and how Managers can combat disengagement and burnout within their teams.

Sharing Holistic Team Member Support

In this Truvelop User Community Lunch and Learn, Customer Success Team Member Juliana Withers collaborates with Challenger, Gray, and Christmas' Andrea Grant to share ways that Managers can bring empathy and humanity into their development and performance conversations. With so many stressors affecting people's emotions, mental health, and ability to focus, it is time that we reconsider our approach to Team Member support.

The Importance of Transparent Communication

In this Lunch and Learn, Truvelop's user community takes a deep dive into why sharing transparent feedback is important and how it can benefit their organizations' cultures. Truvelop user and guest speaker Karyn Schell, President of DP Solutions, shares how her organization prioritizes a culture of transparency and what that looks like in their day-to-day interactions. Our users also hear fresh ideas from both Karyn and Customer Success Team Member Juliana Withers about how they can leverage transparent communication using the Truvelop app.

Encouraging Team Member Autonomy

Everyone benefits when Team Member's feel like they have control over their performance outcomes and environment.  In this Lunch and Learn we explored what Managers can be doing to support and build autonomy for themselves and their team members.  We also walked through Truvelop's Employee Resource Center, highlighting the tools and aids that Team Members can leverage to grow towards their career goals and aspirations.

Putting the Focus on Team Member Wellbeing

In this Lunch and Learn, our users got to explore how important it is to check-in on employee wellbeing, the benefits of strong wellness initiatives, how managers can model and support team member wellbeing, and even got to hear from b.well's Head of People and Culture, Alicia Raymond, about her perspective and experiences with organizational wellbeing.

Using Truvelop as a Compass for Harkins Coaching Culture

In this Lunch and Learn, Customer Success Specialist Juliana Withers collaborates with Harkins HR Director, Kathy Humm, and Employee Experience Manager, Bonnie Cronin to define what a Coaching Culture is, identify the benefits of a Coaching Culture, and spell out how Harkins was able to successfully implement their Coaching Culture using Truvelop.

Delivering Different Types of Feedback

In this Lunch and Learn you will learn about different types of feedback, different models of how to deliver feedback effectively, and how Truvelop can aid you in your journey of helping your Team Members successfully implement the feedback.  Feedback drives positive changes in our performance, so it is essential that we understand how to share it in a way that motivates and inspires our Team Members.  

High Performance Cultures

High Performance Cultures place an emphasis on employee development.  However, the drive for constant growth can lead to burnout if implemented incorrectly.  The burnout can be mitigated by strong, consistent, and clear communication from leadership.  With supportive managers, organizations can thrive and see unprecedented levels of success using a high performance culture.  With Truvelop, High Performance Cultures can be implemented with ease.  

Building Motivation

According to Self-Determination Theory, individuals can develop intrinsic motivation by building up three basic human needs: competence, autonomy, and relatedness.  With Truvelop, employees can have a say in their professional development.  They can track and trend their performance and open up two-way communication with their manager, gaining a sense of value and recognition within their organization.  

Mentoring Skills Development

Looking at 2021 Human Resources expected trends, we can see that creative talent development is more important than ever.  With Truvelop, you can identify transferable skills for employees to develop.  Additionally, through cross-training or mentoring, you can collaborate with individual employees in their horizontal performance development.  

Agile Goal-Setting 

When 2021 was just getting underway, many people were anxious to set goals for the new year. Often times, goals are set at the beginning of the year and never revisited or modified which ultimately renders the goals outdated or irrelevant in just a few months’ time.   


During this session, we explored different types of goal setting models and discussed the importance of revisiting and adjusting goals often to meet the changing needs of most business environments. We also spent some time reviewing Truvelop’s flexible goal setting functionality within the Spark feature.   

Mindfulness in the Workplace

It’s becoming more apparent that an emphasis on skills like resilience, mental agility, self-awareness, and sharp decision-making abilities is shaping the way organizations are evaluating their talent landscape—mindfulness being the key to unlocking all of the above. In this session we heard about the mindfulness initiatives/skills focus development operating within your organizations, shared knowledge to understand what it means to demonstrate mindfulness in the workplace, and talked about how Truvelop can help leverage these best practices.

Reflect and Project

In this session we explored the difference between constant and ongoing feedback.  In ongoing feedback, we are emphasizing continual growth, adjusting as go along.  We defined the different types of managers and who is the most effective communicator.  Truvelop's Evaluation Insights and Trends can guide managers as they help their employees navigate their professional development journeys.  

Why Truvelop?

Evaluating an employee is important, but the context is more important. Leaving comments and attachments in evaluations not only provides more information on the team member, but also memorializes accomplishments and enriches your data.  In this session, we explored how context matters, and how the more of it you provide in your evaluations, the more informative and useful your data becomes over time. 

Mobile Demo

This session established our Learning Community!  Together, we explored the efficiency of the Mobile App, the challenges of performance management, and brainstormed ideas of how we can grow.  Additionally, we discussed how through our survey functionality, we can gain additional insights.