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Welcome!  Here you will find step-by step instructions on what do next now that you know what the talent landscape of your team looks like. We call it What Now? What Next?.  Additionally, we have a variety of suggestions that will help you get the most out of your Truvelop experience in our Optimizing Truvelop page.  You will also find links to e-mail templates we have written for you to help nudge your managers and your people into using Truvelop and into getting the most out of it.

What Now, What Next?

Optimizing Truvelop

How to Have More Effective Manager - Team Member Conversations

Proactive Management Cue Cards

Truvelop Tips


Optimizing Truvelop

Here you will find our Recommended Best Practices, User Community Lunch and Learns, Goal-Setting techniques, our Blogs, and information about Rater Reliability. These additional tools will help you to optimize what you and your organization gain from using Truvelop. Check back regularly as we continue to update with new content to consider! Click the links below to get started. 

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Truvelop Best Practices


Rater Reliability


User Community Lunch and Learns


Having More Effective Manager-Team Member Conversations

How to Have Tough Conversations With Team Members


How to Use Conversations and Feedback to Determine which Team Members are Ready for Growth


How to Set Expectations and Goals with Team Members


Proactive Management Cue Cards

What do we do with all of this data and why is it important? Now that you’ve been collecting performance data on your direct reports, you’ve generated meaningful insights on the Team Member dashboard to help guide your management strategies. These insights are meant to provide you with suggested proactive management actions to increase engagement with your team members. Understanding where your team member stands today and identifying barriers or challenges that might be holding them back will make it easier for you to provide productive and meaningful feedback.

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These suggested next steps will help you proactively manage your direct reports to take them to the next level. Check out the rest of the Proactive Management Cue Cards


Truvelop Tips

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Truvelop Tips houses all of our previous messaging to Managers, as well as a variety of resources that you may find helpful in your management journey.

In Truvelop Tips, you will also find the Manager and Employee Onboarding emails.  In the onboarding emails,  you will find a series of e-mail templates designed to send to Managers or Team Members either as one off's or as a sequence of messaging to help them get used to using Truvelop and to become expert Truvelop users. 

You can copy and paste any or all of the sample emails into your email system to deliver to your Managers or Team Members to help them get up to speed and master using Truvelop.

Click Here to see the full list of Manager e-mails.

Click Here to see the full list of Employee e-mails.


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