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Welcome Team Members!  Here you will find step-by step instructions on how to use the Truvelop app through quick videos, articles, and tips. Truvelop is just a tool, but in your hands, you can start to advocate for your development and plan for success. 

What Now, What Next?

Optimizing Truvelop

How do I use the Truvelop App?


What Now, What Next?

Each time your Manager completes an Evaluation, you receive an insight.  That insight lets you know how you are currently performing, and then gives you an action item as you work to grow and improve in your professional development journey.  Below is a look into each Evaluation score, as well as additional pages that will take you on a deeper dive into what you can be doing to fulfill your potential. 


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Optimizing Truvelop

Here you will find our Recommended Best Practices,  suggested ways to build Motivation and Engagement, Goal-Setting techniques, our Blogs, and tips on Team Member Development Planning. These additional tools will help you to optimize what you and your organization gain from using Truvelop. Check back regularly as we continue to update with new content to consider! Click the links below to get started. 

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Truvelop Best Practices

Building Motivation and Engagement



Individual Development Planning


Navigating the Truvelop App

What is Spark All About? (Mobile)


How can I send a Group Spark? (Mobile)


Recognition Through the Recognition Wall (Mobile)


What is Spark All About? (Desktop)


How can I send a Group Spark? (Desktop)




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