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Brain Storm Shelter and Truvelop

Welcome to Brain Storm Shelter’s Team Page! 

We’re using Truvelop as a tool to power the Brain Storm Shelter performance management, recognition, and development strategies and processes.

Below, you’ll find resources that will guide your development journey and connect your employee experience to our culture and brand purpose.

“Tomorrow should always be better than today. Experiment, adapt, improve, repeat. That’s agile, and that’s our organization. Iteration keeps us, our teammates, and our customers sharp. With Truvelop, we’re ensuring efficient development, both personally and professionally.  We’re reinforcing the right behaviors, coaching what can be improved, and ultimately supporting our team to success.”

Jason Boso

Founder, Busboy, and Reverand

Brand Purpose

A lot of companies are hyper-focused on team member engagement, and that’s not a bad thing; every organization should strive to have an engaged workforce. But when you try to force engagement, that’s when it starts to fail.

We’re lucky to have some of the best and brightest people in our industry working at our organization (no, we’re not biased), and we’re proud of the fact that they’re the driving force behind our culture. Our people are humans, not resources (which is why we use the term “team members” instead of “employees” or “staff”), and they’re engaged not because we tell them to be, but because we empower them to take the lead. Our playbook can help our leaders support their teams to take that step.

With Truvelop, we can start to measure how effectively we’re living our culture on a day-to-day basis.  We can share feedback in real-time to recognize and reinforce the right behaviors, and coach our team members to success.  Having all of this growth documented in one place makes it easy to celebrate our individual contributors.



We’re using Truvelop to power Brain Storm Shelter’s performance management, recognition, and development strategy.

With Truvelop, we’re engaging, motivating, and developing our team in 3 easy steps: Evaluate, Develop, and Perform. With Truvelop’s approach to performance development, we can bring our brand purpose to life. 

With Truvelop, we can start to measure how effectively we’re living our culture on a day-to-day basis and reinforce the right behaviors

  1. Evaluating and managing performance
  2. Sharing real-time feedback, coaching, recognition, praise
  3. Developing managers into better leaders

Are you a new user on Truvelop? Looking for a refresher?

Click the links below to access easy to follow toolkits that include videos and guides on how to utilize the Truvelop App as a Manager or as a Team Member.



During each quarter, we are asking our Managers to complete at least one Evaluation per Team Member.  Part of why we chose Truvelop was because of how quick and easy the Evaluation process is.  With just 15 questions, our Managers can assess Team Member performance, attitude, and maintenance, capturing a snapshot how the Team Member is performing today.   

During the Evaluation process, be sure to include notes in the Evaluation comments, as this will help to provide context, and make it easier to recall what was going on during this performance period.  

You can even complete these Evaluations on the mobile app! 


After each Evaluation, you’ll have a baseline of where the Team Member is performing today, and what you can do to help them reach that next level.  We’re always looking to that next touchpoint, so be sure to spend some time in the Employee Dashboard to see what data-driven coaching insights are currently populating or what the most recent Spark conversation entailed.   

With the Evaluation Summaries, Evaluation Insights, Trend Statuses, and more, we’re giving you a lot of analysis.  We wanted to take the guesswork out of performance development and give you a starting point for how you can support each Team Member.  From here, be sure to explore the Truvelop Knowledge Center to see how you can creatively engage with each type of performer.  You may even develop some new leadership skills along the way! 

Looking for additional guidance on how to have a meaningful development conversation? Consider Truvelop’s 9-box Talent Matrix.


Once the direction has been set, use Spark to support and coach your Team Member to success.  With a real-time feedback tool, we’re able to document feedback in the moment, when it counts.  Since it’s delivered directly to the Team Member, they’re able to follow-up and clarify anything that might be missing or confusing, ensuring you’re both on the same page.  Later, the Team Member can provide updates and make live adjustments, ensuring efficient development.   

With the Contextual Reporting tab in the Employee Dashboard, it has never been easier to track and monitor progress.  Be sure to leverage the search bar when you’re looking for something specific.   

Want additional Spark guidance? Download the list below for some examples for how you can leverage each Spark classification.

Looking for additional support? Download our FAQ guides for walk-throughs in both English and Spanish.



We don’t want you just have a job at our organization, but a career.  Your long-term growth and development is a top priority of us.  From understanding the different requirements of each role, to planning for your future, we want to be a helping hand at each step of your journey.

Check out the resources below as you consider what’s next.

Individual Development Planning


Organization Openings