Level 1


Team Member’s achievement of KPIs or Assigned Goals.

  • Follows all policies and procedures as established by the credit union, including but not limited to:
    • Cash Handling, Dual Control, and Balancing
    • Check Holds and Fraud Prevention
    • BSA & AML Regulatory Requirements
  • Works to achieve goals in support of the Core 4 Values of the Credit Union.
  • Process member transactions.
  • Ability to Retain and Apply Training
  • Accuracy/Adherence to Policies
  • Service Delivery (NPS) and Professionalism
  • Demonstrates Initiative & Adaptability

Quality of Team Member’s work or production.

  • Detail and service-oriented; Ability to exhibit patience and flexibility in dealing with others
  • Responding to members in a knowledgeable, friendly, positive, and professional manner
  • Ability to navigate credit union systems, key to daily functions of the position.

Efficiency of Team Member’s work.

  • Demonstrating excellent communication techniques for successful interactions
  • Displaying diligence in attention to detail and accuracy, understanding timeliness and follow-through are critical
  • Maintains and effectively utilizes reference material related to services, current promotions, procedures, and general information.
  • Effectively utilizes features of Teller Capture in processing checks.
  • Assists with end-of-day balancing procedures

Demonstration of potential.

  • Demonstrates a sense of responsibility, initiative, and dependability.
  • Ability to comprehend training and apply knowledge to daily interactions.
  • Applies basic knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite.

Team member’s impact on the value of the business.

  • Shares and shows support for a variety of digital and online tools and resources.
  • Adheres to information security procedures & maintains confidentiality.
  • Refers to unusual requests or inquiries to appropriate staff members.
  • Maintains functional work area by stocking forms, supplies, brochures, etc.


Open to feedback.

  • Effective listener and a good communicator

Attitude toward co-workers.

  • Works independently and collaboratively in support of branch operations.
  • Consistently demonstrates a positive mindset within the branch and in all interactions.

Resilience during challenging times.

  • While assigned to a branch, assists with staffing at other branches as needed.
  • Demonstrating empathy and a positive mindset

Strives for flexibility, resiliency, and adaptability to daily challenges.

Take initiative to solve problems.

  • Answers questions & prints documentation relative to routine inquiries.
  • Advises supervisor of service needed or non-functioning equipment.

Engagement/passion towards their work.

  • Friendly and personable; Ability to establish rapport, build and deepen member relationships.
  • Working to achieve a personalized and convenient member experience


  • Experience in current role.
  • Compensation for their position (relative to other in organization).
  • Requires additional attention.
  • Impact on the company brand.
  • Team Member is #1 point of frustration.