Spark for Real-Time Feedback and Coaching

Use Spark to praise, coach, and inspire your individual direct reports. By memorializing the touchpoint, Managers and Employees are staying up to date on what’s going well, what they’re working to improve, and what they need support on. While the Evaluation measures performance, Spark is what really moves the needle. 

  • Share praise to reinforce the right behaviors.
  • Show your Employee you believe in their potential by setting goals and coaching their development.
  • Memorialize 1:1 meeting takeaways.
    • Employees can respond with their focus points as well.
  • Distribute onboarding materials to a group of new hires.
  • Share training opportunities with your team.
  • Leverage Spark to connect in real-time with your entire organization. Onboarding, training, policy updates, general announcements, and more can be delivered via text and email, making it easy to distribute information to your entire team.

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