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Truvelop is Now Offering 1:1 Coaching



Level-up your leadership competencies with personalized training. No matter where you are in your leadership journey, you can fine-tune your strengths and build up any growth areas to become the most effective and inspiring leader that you can be.



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Let’s Get Started!


What is 1:1 Coaching all about?  Our sessions are tailored to meet your individual needs and goals. Below are just a few examples of some of the topics that we can cover.

Meet Your Coaches!


Juliana Withers, Director of Customer Success and Content Management

With a background in Sport and Performance Psychology, Juliana is no stranger to leadership development. She has experience working with organizations, teams, and individuals to create strategic growth plans that target unique goals. Taking a collaborative approach, Juliana can support you on reaching your full potential and explore the best next steps for your specific experience.


Lisa First-Willis, CEO and Founder

Lisa has been in HR for over 25 years and has created countless individual development plans and leadership development programs. Whether your goal is personal leadership development or you need support navigating a specific scenario, Lisa can call on her expertise to recommend a solution-oriented action plan.

Our Approach to 1:1 Coaching


Before we determine our plan of action, it’s important for us to first understand your goals. Why do you want to level-up your leadership competencies? What’s currently going well? What do you want to focus on?


Together we can identify the best plan forward. By exploring the best actionable next steps, we can ensure a focused approach to development.


As we work through the action plan, it’s important that we reflect, review, and adjust. Growth isn’t always linear, so we’re here to support and guide you throughout your journey.

Not Quite Ready for 1:1 Coaching? Check Out These Resources to Learn at Your Own Pace!


Each month the Truvelop team releases a toolkit on a specific leadership topic. Explore blogs, guides, and resources in one, easy to digest, toolkit.



Download one of our eBooks for quick-hit guidance on a current performance trend or leadership development topic.


Coaching Resource Center

Confidently coach your team with empathy and a growth mindset. With the Coaching Resource Center, you can access guides and worksheets to make your coaching conversations easier than ever.


Manager Resource Center

From conversation starters, to reflection guides, to quick-hit videos, the Manager Resource Center has a learning tool for anything you need guidance on.