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April 2021 – Delivering Effective Feedback

Happy April! 

Let’s talk about effective coaching and how Truvelop can help. As we have mentioned in previous Truvelop Tips, it’s beneficial to give praise and positive feedback to employeesbut it is also important to give eventbased performance feedback and provide opportunities to learn, grow and improve.  

When managers involve employees in setting their own work goals, the latter are four times more likely to report feeling engaged.”  Gallup (Economist article on management wisdom) 


Moving the needle for people who are underperforming can be challenging. Bill Campbell, a mentor and business coach stated: “Managers need to be honest, humble and willing to learn.” It starts with the 1st conversation, then another. Improving employee performance and attitude requires ongoing conversations and specific examplefor the team member to consider and reflect upon 

  • Add comments and context. Context matters, and the more of it you provide in your evaluations, the more informative and useful your data becomes over time. All it takes is a couple extra minutes per employee assessment to keep all contextual data on team member performance, attitude, and maintenance all in one place within Truvelop.  
  • Communicate. Check in – why are they struggling? What barriers are they facing? Opening up that conversation with questions and offering to help work through solutions fosters a stronger level of trust between the Manager and Team Member, increasing engagement. Increase communication and coaching moments by using the Spark functionality. You can evenSpark on your mobile device! 
  • Develop your coaching skillsIn order to help someone else find success, it’s important to develop effective communication skills as a managerWatch our Truvelop video on How to have more effective Manager – Team Member Conversations and utilize the tools you have. Use the insights on the Team Member dashboard to help guide your management strategies. Additionally, use the Proactive Management Cue Cards to focus on developmental opportunities. Consider these Coaching Conversation Starters for ideas on how to get the conversation going.  

We all want to be heard and understood. Randall Stephenson, executive chairman of AT&T, states the need to have “an inherent ability to empathize with the other person, to understand where they’re coming from”. In this episode of Coffee with the Greatslearn more about the importance of diversity and emotional intelligence as a leader.  

When giving feedback as a manager, are you able to empathize and help your employees when they are struggling?

At Truvelop, we’re here to help you create more touch points to increase engagement and build trust within your team. For more Truvelop tips on how to best optimize the tool, check out our how-to videos and other manager resources at the Knowledge Center.  

As we continue our conversation about coaching, it’s important that we, as managers, are giving timely event-based performance feedback.  Employees want more feedback, whether it is positive or constructive, so that they can have control over their development and have a strong sense of direction for moving forward.  Q2 is still just getting started, so how can we continue to support and guide our Team Members?  


When we document our feedback, it allows us to recall goals and previous development conversations.  We know you’re busy, so Truvelop has some features to help you stay on top of your coaching game and be the best manager that you can be.   

  • Searching for Previous Comments Did you know that you can search in the Comment and Spark history?  When we have multiple touchpoints with one individual, it can be a little tricky to remember when we had a specific conversation.  Because of this, Truvelop date stamps each interaction and lets you search by words or phrases through your Contextual ReportingAssuming that your employees are responding to your Sparks, this is a great way to check-in and share recognition or follow-up for next steps.  
  • Checking-In on Previous Comments.  Now that we know how to search through our Contextual Reporting, it’s important that we take the time to follow-up or check-in on previous feedback.  Growth doesn’t happen unless we reflect on our goals and make adjustments when we need to.  If one of your employees shared a goal in Q1 that they aren’t quite meeting, it’s time to respond to that Spark and share some directive feedback to help them get back on track.   
  • Using Detailed Reporting to Track and Trend Performance.  There is nothing worse than being blindsided.  With the Detailed Reporting tab, you can know right away if someone is trending upward or downward.  The second we see someone trending down, we need to step in and make some corrective actions.  Between now and the next Evaluation, use Spark to continue to support and check-in with the Team Member to help them make positive behavior changes.   
  • Delivering Feedback Effectively.  Yesterday, Truvelop held its monthly User Community Lunch and Learn on Delivering Feedback Effectively.  Be sure to check it out and see if you can implement any of the models discussed the next time you’re coaching a Team Member.   

In a quick TED Talk by Cognitive Psychologist LeeAnn Reninger, she shares a scientifically proven method to share great and productive feedback.  There are four main parts to sharing effective feedback.  To learn more about how to avoid defensiveness and have a productive conversation, check out the TED TalkThe secret to giving great feedback.  LeeAnn is the founder of LifeLabs Learning, a company that trains managers and teams at innovative companies around the globe.   

When giving feedback as a Manager, how are you gaining buy-in and motivation from your Team Member?  Why should they implement the feedback and make a change? 

 At Truvelop, we’re here to help you create more touch points to increase engagement and build trust within your team. For more Truvelop tips on how to best optimize the tool, check out our how-to videos and other manager resources at the Knowledge Center.   

96% of employees say they want to hear feedback regularly.


Updated on October 31, 2023
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