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April 2022 – Am I a Good Manager


Hello Managers! 

Happy April! As we enter the second quarter of the year, we wanted to take a moment to reflect.  Think back to the best Manager you’ve ever had.  How frequently did they check-in with you?  Were they inspirational?  Did they propel your career forward? If so, how?  

Each Manager is going to have a different approach or style when managing their team.  However, there are commonalities for what differentiates a boss from a leader.  One of the biggest differentiators is communication, more importantly, communicating with confidence. Yet, nearly 69% of managers find themselves uncomfortable communicating with their team (Interact).   

Truvelop Tip: Confidence is Contagious

Confidence in your management competencies can come from many different areas.  Maybe you have extensive knowledge about the job.  Maybe you’ve always been a people-person.  No matter what your background or skill-set, Truvelop is here to give you additional tools and resources to help you exude confidence, inspiring your team and strengthening the Manager-Team Member relationship.  

Leverage Data: A quick way for you to enter a conversation with confidence is by coming in with data to guide the conversation.  From Evaluation Insights to What Now, What Next in the Knowledge Center, you have so much information available to you. You can open a meaningful development conversation, while taking the guess-work out of where the Team Member is performing today and why that matters.   

Request Feedback: A true leader is always looking for ways that they can grow and improve.  Use the Request Spark feature in Truvelop to ask your team for feedback about what you can be doing to better support and engage them.  By showing your willingness to learn, you are modeling a growth mindset for them to recreate in their own behaviors.   

Communicate Transparently: By communicating honestly and openly with your team you are exhibiting trust and confidence in the strength of your relationship with your team.  They’ll appreciate your honesty.  Whether you are delivering praise or commenting on the stress of a work-week, staying authentic is one of the best ways that you can exhibit confidence as a Manager and leader.   

Managers play a big role in employee engagement.  In fact, the Manager-Team Member relationship accounts for 63% of variability in employee engagement (Harvard Business Review).  This month, we will be highlighting different ways that you can strengthen your management competencies and become the best possible Manager for your team.   

Announcement: Updated Spark Classification List

Notice anything different in Spark? We updated the Spark Classification list! We added new classification options (based on user suggestions) and reordered the list to range from positive reinforcement to corrective coaching.


As a Manager, you are the first line of defense against low engagement and turnover. You have the ability to influence the type of experience your team is going to have. You can engage, motivate, and inspire your team. With the Manager playing such a crucial role in the Team Member experience, how are so many organizations falling short?

Truvelop Tip: Maximize Your Touchpoints

One of the easiest ways to engage your team is simply: communicate with them. It doesn’t need to be a formal sit-down conversation each time, but checking-in, leaving room for questions, or giving a quick thumbs up can significantly improve a Team Member’s experience.

Set a Spark Challenge: When building Truvelop into your routine, weekly Sparks can be a great place to start. The more comfortable you get with delivering different types of feedback, the more effective Manager you’ll be. Did you notice that we added new Spark classifications? Try challenging yourself by sending a Spark each week with a different classification.

Meet Your Organization’s Utilization Goals: Part of being a good Manager is leading by example. Show your team that you believe in your organization by following through on initiatives, including Truvelop. If you find that you struggle to get your Evaluations done on time, try scheduling time in your calendar. Habit-building takes time; make sure to set yourself up for success and set aside time to focus on your team’s development.

Ask Meaningful Questions: Once you’ve gotten into the routine of completing Evaluations and delivering Sparks, you’re going to have a lot of data at your fingertips. This data can serve as a conversation starter and can drive meaningful development conversations. Not sure how to leverage this data? Check out the Manager Resource Center! With What Now, What Next, the Proactive Management Cue Cards, Meaningful Touchpoint Guides, and our latest resource, Breaking Down Summary Reporting, you’ll find plenty of guidance and support to help you have an impactful check-in.

Being a good manager doesn’t have to be overcomplicated. As long as you are regularly checking in, listening, and guiding your team, you are creating an engaging workplace. Creating the best possible employee experience starts with you!

Updated on October 31, 2023

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