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August 2022 – Tap into Team Member Potential

Happy August! We are continuing to explore our Self-Determination theory by placing a focus on competence.  Having a strong sense of competence means that your team members feel good about how they are performing.  They understand their role, are confident in their abilities to successfully perform the specific tasks and responsibilities associated with their jobs.

Truvelop Tip: Tap into Your Team’s Potential

As a Manager, how can you inspire your team to perform their best? What can you do to build your team’s confidence and commitment?  What obstacles need to be removed to help them achieve their KPI’s with ease? Help your team tap into their potential to instill a strong sense of competence, and ultimately inspire them to stay longer.

Set Clear Expectations: Set your team up for success by setting clear expectations and responsibilities. Team Members want to know where they stand and what they need to do to be successful. In fact, employees are 23% more likely to stay if their manager clearly explains their roles and responsibilities (TinyPulse). By clearly outlining KPI’s and assigned goals, you can remove any confusion about what a Team Member’s role looks like in the day-to-day. Ask your team member regularly if they understand their role and what success looks like. Document these responsibilities with a Spark.

Celebrate Strengths: Everyone likes to feel seen and recognized. When Managers cite what a Team Member brings to the table, the Team Member feels like they are able to contribute to their team and organization’s success. They know that their Manager sees value in what they do. In fact, 71% of employees who believe their manager can name their strengths feel engaged and energized by their work (Gallup).

Reflect on Progress: Whether a Team Member has reached a goal, or it’s just been a while since the last check-in, reflecting on progress is a great way to remind a Team Member of their contributions and growth during an employee assessment. You can refer to this Review Guide for additional guidance, or have the Team Member complete a Growth Mindset Reflection.

Did you know…

We have new In-App Guidance throughout the Truvelop app! Be sure to keep an eye out for the little orange light bulbs in Summary Reporting and the Truvelop Dashboard to find out which resources can best help you support and guide your team.

Updated on October 30, 2023

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