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Banditos – Data Driven Insights, Analytics, and Reporting

Hello Banditos team!
Last week, our message focused on introducing the Evaluation process. This week, we’re applying that Evaluation and what we’ve learned to drive meaningful development discussions. With Truvelop’s Data Driven Insights Analytics and Reporting, you can leverage your Evaluation data to further employee growth and enter your 1:1 development check-ins with purpose.
Data Driven Insights, Analytics, and Reporting

After each Evaluation, both Managers and Employees are delivered insights that identify how the employee is currently performing, why that matters, and what they can do to have the greatest positive impact on development. These insights are generated directly from Truvelop’s proprietary algorithm, based on how the Manager answers each Evaluation question.

  • Based on current performance, both Managers and Employees can take the Evaluation Summary and directly apply it to the next development conversation.
  • Each employee is going to have different needs – the Evaluation Insights take the guesswork out of where the Manager can have the greatest impact.
  • Celebrate progress or help the employee get back on track with the Trend Status.
  • The key piece with our data-driven insights is that they are meant to open a relevant conversation around current performance and development opportunities. When Managers and Employees know exactly where the employee stands today, their focus can be on actionable next steps to drive growth.
As you get started with your baseline Evaluations, be sure to spend time getting comfortable with the Truvelop insights. Below are some helpful resources for you to explore at your own pace:
Updated on February 20, 2024

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