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December 2021 – Year-End Reflection

Happy last month of 2021! As you come into year end, it’s time to focus in on reflection. This year has consisted of various challenges, opportunities, and transitions. Throughout 2021, what have you accomplished? What has your team accomplished? And what are some accomplishments your Team Members are proud of? Let’s get into a few ways to be prepared for Year End Reflection.  

  1. Generate Report. With all the real-time feedback and employee assessments you’ve captured throughout 2021, you have great data ready to go to use for the Year End Reflection. As a reminder, to generate report for one of your direct reports, go to the Team Member Dashboard and click GENERATE REPORT at the top. Select which Comments and Sparks you want to include in the report. Next, you’ll have the option to download as a pdf or email directly to the team member. Once a report is generated, you can go to Contextual Reporting to see the history of all reports that have been generated.
  2. Prepare for the conversation. For Year End sit-downs, you want to find out what the team member is most proud of, what they find most inspiring, and most importantly, what you can do differently as a manager to best support them. To prepare for these sit-downs, check out the touchpoint guides Reflect, Ready, Review in the Knowledge Center.  
  3. Encourage your team members to reflect. To make the most of 2022, it’s important to celebrate achievements and identify growth opportunities & areas to focus on in the year ahead. To do this successfully, you can help your team members set stretch goals and motivational goals by encouraging them to advocate for their development and plan for success. Ask your team members about their barriers, motivators, and demotivators. For Year End sit-downs, have your team members take the time to reflect and establish direction by using the Individual Development Planning guides.  

As a manager, are there a few skills you want to work on going into the new year? Perhaps it’s knowing how to have tough conversations? Or are you struggling with what to do with your lagging performers? As always, there are great training and development resources for you in the Knowledge Center 

It’s hard to believe that we are finally coming to the end of another year.  It simultaneously feels like 2021 has been the longest year and shortest year ever.  At the end of a year, we are called to reflect on all that has occurred, allowing us to take a step back and review our 12-month journey. However, getting started can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming – we have 365 days to cover!  


As you reflect and review on 2021, keep some of these best practices in mind: 

What do you want to get out of the reflection process? As we get started, it is always a good practice to identify what you want to get out of the reflection process.  Are we looking to celebrate our achievements?  Are we mapping out our development journey?  Are we hoping to gain some added perspective?  By identifying what we want to get out of the reflection process, we can narrow down where we should start.  

As a Manager, you can help your team start their reflection process by Generating a Report in Truvelop. The report documents all Team Member touchpoints throughout the year.  To Generate a Report, go to the Team Member’s dashboard, and select Generate Report in the top right corner.  Be sure to select which touchpoints you want to share with the Team Member.   

What are the major takeaways? There are three questions that should always be included in any reflection process: 

  1. What went well?
  2. What is worth improving?
  3. What would I do differently?

The last question is what is going to drive positive performance change.  As we continue to grow and develop, it is crucial that we identify the behaviors we want to repeat, the behaviors we want to improve, and how we would improve.  Without the how, the process can lack direction and efficiency – meaning the reflection process was simply a check-the-box exercise and isn’t serving a transformative purpose.  

Want more guidance?  Check out our Meaningful Touchpoint Guides as you gather and organize information.  

How do we move forward?  This takes us to the last part of the reflection process: using our takeaways to create a meaningful and evidence-backed approach to our ongoing development.  Identifying what is going to best serve as we move forward can help us to get 1% better every day. As you plan out your next steps and memorialize performance goals, check out our Individual Development Plan guides.  

Want to learn more about how to have meaningful reflections?  Join our Lunch and Learn.  

From the Truvelop team, thank you for another incredible year!  We are so proud to have users like you in our community! 

We hope you have a great finish to the year! 

Updated on October 31, 2023

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