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December 2023 – What Kind of Manager Will You Be in 2024?

As you come into year end, it’s time to focus in on reflection. This year has thrown various challenges and opportunities your way. Throughout 2023, what have you accomplished? What new skills did you develop? What are your greatest learning takeaways? A lot of organizations are starting to slow down towards the end of year, presenting the perfect opportunity to reflect on 2023 and renew commitment for 2024.

Truvelop Tip: What Kind of Manager Will You Be in 2024?

As a Manager, you influence up to 70% of the employee experience (Gallup).  By taking your newfound skills and strengths into the new year, you can ensure that your team has their best year yet. But first, let’s reflect on what kind of manager you want to be in 2024:

  • Manager as Coach: As a manager, one of your greatest responsibilities is to coach and develop your team.  As a coach, you share real-time feedback to reinforce the right behaviors and develop any behaviors that can be improved.  Looking for additional guidance? Check out Coaching Best Practices.

  • Manager as a Servant Leader: For many, work has not slowed down after the Great Resignation.  What can you do to best support your team? How can you help remove any obstacles or barriers to success? How is team recovering after work? Try encouraging a strong work-life balance to prevent burnout and to maintain a positive manager-employee relationship.

  • New Manager: New to being a manager or just looking to revamp your leadership competencies heading into the new year? The Manager Resource Center is a great place to get started.  From Proactive Management Cue Cards, to videos on How to Have a Difficult Conversation, the Truvelop team is here to help you lead with confidence.

By reflecting on learning takeaways now and identifying what’s next, you and your team can hit the ground running in 2024.

What else can Truvelop do for you? Our team is always creating new content for the Knowledge Center, Truvelop Tips, and Lunch and Learns.  If there is anything you’d like to see, just reach out to juliana.withers@truvelop.com.


The Truvelop Team

Updated on December 11, 2023
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