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Evaluation in Draft

Sometimes you may be working on an evaluation, but you get interrupted, and you would like to save your progress. Now you can save your evaluation as a Draft and come back to it later to complete or add context in the Comments fields. Please note that you will not be able to edit how you answered the questions, as we do not want to recreate the past.  If Send Summary is not configured or enabled (greyed out), the below workflow will not apply.


In some circumstances, you may not be ready to share the evaluation summary with the team member and you would like to meet with that team member first to avoid the evaluation summary coming as a surprise to the team member. Now, you can simply save as Draft and wait to send the evaluation summary to the team member until you have had the conversation. Keep in mind that you will not be able to complete a new Evaluation until you have submitted the Draft. 



Once you have finished answering the questions, you will be required to add a General Comment associated with the evaluation. If you would like to save the evaluation as a draft, click the “Save as Draft” icon at the bottom of the page. This evaluation is now in “Draft” mode.  

The second way that you can save the Evaluation as a Draft, is by clicking on Submit when Send Summary is turned on. Once the Manager has submitted the Evaluation, they will see a drop-drown that gives Managers a second chance to decide if they are ready to push the Evaluation to the Team Member. There are three options in this drop down: 

  • Cancel, Save as Draft: The Evaluation will not be shared and will not populate the Team Member Dashboard or My Dashboard. It is saved in “draft mode.” 
  • Submit, Send Email Notification: The Evaluation Summary Email is being sent directly to the Employee’s email and the data will populate the Team Member dashboard and My Dashboard.  
  • Submit, Do Not Send Email Notification: The Evaluation Summary Email will not be sent to the Employee’s email, but the data will populate the Team Member dashboard and My Dashboard.



You can find your draft evaluations in two places. The Evaluate Team Member tab on the left navigation has an arrow that when you click on it, a submenu for “Evaluation(s) in Draft” appears.  

From here, you can find any of your evaluations in Draft mode. Now, you can either “Publish” the evaluation as is, or “Edit” your comments. To publish your evaluation, click on the first icon on the right-hand side of the evaluation draft. Now you will be given the option to Send Email or Do Not Send Email consistent with the previous evaluation workflow.   

If you would like to edit or add comments to the draft evaluation, click the pencil icon and edit as needed. This allows you to spend as much time as needed adding context to the Performance, Attitude and Maintenance and General Comments sections. Once completed or updated, click submit and you will be given the option to Send Email or Do Not Send Email consistent with the previous evaluation workflow.   

The second place that you can find your Evaluations saved in Draft mode is in the Team Member Dashboard’s Contextual Reporting under the Comments tab.  From here, you can edit the comments and publish the drafted Evaluation the same way you would in the Evaluation(s) in Draft tab.



To see which evaluation summaries have been shared with team members versus the evaluations completed but not visible to team members, visit the Contextual Reporting tab on the Team Member dashboard. From Contextual Reporting – Comments, look for this icon. 

This means the Evaluation Summary has NOT been shared with the team member and therefore is not visible on the team member’s My Dashboard.  

If you would like to share this Evaluation Summary now, click on the icon to the right, next to the pencil icon. This will immediately post the Evaluation Summary on the team member’s My Dashboard. They will not receive an email, but the Evaluation Summary will be posted and visible to the team member along with the General Comment.    



Evaluation completed and shared with Team Member. The evaluation score summary and associated data points are visible to Team Member on their “My Dashboard”
Evaluation completed and saved in Draft mode. Evaluation results have not been published to Team Member Dashboard. Must be released from Draft in order for data to populate.
Action icon to publish an Evaluation saved in Draft mode. Click on this icon to release an evaluation from Draft mode and publish.
Evaluation completed and details published to Team Member Dashboard only and are not visible to Team Member on their “My Dashboard.”
Action icon to publish Evaluation details to Team Member’s “My Dashboard.” Associated Evaluation details were not visible to Team Member previously.
Updated on October 30, 2023
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