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February 2022 – Your Work Matters

At Truvelop, we view February as the month to show individuals that their contribution matters. Last month we focused on best practices for onboarding new hires.  

If our top priority is retention, then we need to get creative and strategic about how we’re going to keep our employees.  When we celebrate their contributions, we can emphasize their value and remind them of our organizational purpose.  

Truvelop Tip: Show Team Members Their Contribution Matters

Managers complete evaluations and Sparks to help team members track progress and promote development, but it can also be used to recognize that their efforts are important. How do you show team members they matter? Do you reinforce the WHY to inspire them? What does this look like in your day-to-day activities as a manager? 

  • Recognize talents and strengths. What is your Team Member doing really well? Have you communicated that with them? Let the Team Member know exactly what you see as their strengths. They will feel like their efforts are being seen, and know which behaviors they should be recreating in the future.  Gallup has found that “simply learning their strengths makes employees 7.8% more productive, and teams that focus on strengths every day have 12.5% greater productivity.”  Strength focused feedback can help your Team Members and your organization see more success!
  • Show appreciation publicly. You can share positive praise publicly company-wide by posting to the Recognition Wall. Showing appreciation publicly can help individuals to feel valued within their organization, increasing engagement and productivity in the workplace. Team Members want feedback from their managers, and Spark is a great tool to get the conversation started.  
  • Reinforce the WHY. Whether you are connecting actions back to the organization’s values or suggesting training that would support a Team Member’s career goals, always aim to bring meaning to a behavior.  By attaching a value to a behavior, you are again showing your Team Member your investment in their development and highlighting their impact.  Rather than just saying “do this instead,” or “this was good,” share why an action mattered.  This added layer creates more transparency and really helps the Team Member to understand the importance of their work. Additionally, you can encourage Team Members to self-reflect with the following resources from the Employee Resource Center: Building Motivation & Engagement and Individual Development Planning.

Taking the extra step of recognizing talents and strengths, or even recognizing change shows your Team Member you are invested in their development and future with the organization. The more touchpoints the better to build trust and engagement.  

Looking for more guidance on how to show team members their contribution matters? Check out our Lunch and Learn: Delivering Effective Feedback


We hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!   

In February, we’re prioritizing celebrating our Team Member’s individual contributions. We want to empower Team Members and remind them that their contributions matter!  We are all part of the same team, so let’s come together and celebrate the little wins that make up our organizational success. 

Truvelop Tip: Empower Your Team Members in Check-Ins 

Whenever you meet with your Team Members, you’re working to boost engagement, motivation, and strengthen your relationship with the Team Member.  By empowering your Team Members and celebrating their individual contributions, you can achieve just that.  What does empowering your Team Member look like?  Let’s think back to Self-Determination Theory, specifically on autonomy, competence, and relatedness. 

Autonomy: Invite your Team Member to be an active participant in their development.  Team Members want to feel like they have control over their environment, and this means giving them the opportunity to grow and develop.  Try having your Team Member complete an Individual Development Plan so that you can identify paths that will help the Team Member reach their personal and professional aspirations.  

Competence: Everyone wants to feel like they’re doing their job well.  When going into a check-in, review your Sparks to see what all the Team Member has achieved this past performance period.  Celebrate their progress and any milestones they’ve achieved.  You can also try inviting the Team Member to share what they are most proud of from this past performance period.  Vocalizing their accomplishments can be a great way for the Team Member to feel some immediate empowerment and confidence.  Want to learn more about how you can prepare for a Meaningful Check-In? Check out our Reflect Guide.   

Relatedness: Team Members want to know their individual contributions play a role in the organization’s success.  Connecting a Team Member’s actions back to your organizational values can be a great way to bring everyone together for the same purpose.  To reinforce these behaviors, try Sparking to the Recognition Wall whenever you see a Team Member living out an organizational value in their day-to-day role.   

We can empower and celebrate our Team Members in a variety of ways, but it all comes down to taking the time to meet with each direct report.  Everyone wants to feel seen and appreciated, and as a Manager, you’re in a great position to create the best possible employee experience for each of your Team Members.   

Updated on October 31, 2023
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