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January 2024 – 2024 is the Year of Data

Hello Managers!

Happy 2024! It’s hard to believe that we’ve already begun a new year. Part of the beauty of a new year is that it feels like a new chapter. You can turn to a new page and start writing the script for the year ahead. As you think about your goals, consider how you can measure your effectiveness as a leader.

Truvelop Tip: 2024 is the Year of Data 

With AI at the forefront of many workplace discussions, organizations everywhere are looking for ways to better leverage the data that they have. With Truvelop, you have so much employee data right at your fingertips. Let’s review what you have, and how you can use it to drive thoughtful next steps.

  • The Team Member Tab: Your team member tab is home to all of your team data. With just one click, you can gain a view into how each of your direct reports is performing and how often you’re communicating with them. Ensure that no one is falling through the cracks by sorting by Last Evaluate date or Last Spark date.

  • Trending: Another piece that you may find helpful in the team member tab is the Trending column. By sorting by Trending, you can see who is on the up and who may need some guidance to get back on track. Stay proactive and ensure that your team feels seen and valued by acknowledging their progress.
  • Manager Reflection Guide: Measure your own progress as a leader by regularly reflecting on your leadership competencies. Self-reflect and measure yourself as honestly as possible to see what’s going well and what you can develop.

In 2024, how will you measure your progress? How will you measure your team’s progress? With Truvelop, you have so much data around performance – the question is how will you use it to drive efficient, strategic growth?



Updated on January 3, 2024

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