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June 2021 – Employee Wellbeing

As we enter a new month and close in on the mid-year point, knowing how to boost well-being is especially important. We are finding that many Managers and Team Members continue to carry extra emotional weight, are experiencing burnout, and struggle with maintaining work-life balance. For the month of June, we are going to focus on well-being as a Manager, Team Member, and organization! Improving well-being may be exactly what we all need to carry us through to the end of the year. 

Employees who experience burnout are 63% more likely to take a sick day and 13% less confident in their performance. (XPertHR) 

In case you missed our messaging last month, we focused on Team Member development – why it’s important to create development plans, how to set goals, and how to check in on progress using Truvelop’s employee performance tracking tools. Now let’s talk about how Truvelop can help you boost individual and organizational well-being as a Manager. 

Whether you are dealing with transitions out in the field or in the remote world, it’s important to…  

  1. Prioritize Team Member Well-Being. Job stress is connected to burnout, turnover and disengagement. Have a quick connect conversation with your Team Member to find out how they’re doing.  
  2. Increase Touchpoints Using Truvelop. Complete employee assessments on a regular basis to identify trends and step in where necessary before it’s too late. As always, increase real-time feedback to Team Members through Spark to let the Team Member know you are listening and available. 
  3. Celebrate Top Performers – especially while organizations are facing retention issues. Find out exactly how to do this below! 

When was the last time your A Players were celebrated and appreciated? Top performers are exceptional and leading contributors who are in need of celebration, appreciation and elevation.  

As a Manager, your goal is to find out what the Team Member most enjoys about their current role at the organization and remove any obstacles to the Team Member’s success. Meet with the Team Member and consider discussing the following: the Team Member’s value to the team and organization, recent accomplishments, and their long-term goals.   

Once you complete an Evaluation for a Team Member, it doesn’t end there. Truvelop is your tool to capture real-time feedback on a daily/weekly basis by sending a quick Spark. By increasing your touchpoints with Team Members, you can better gauge how to best support them as a Manager.  

To find out what to do with B and C Players, check out our Proactive Management Cue Cards in the Knowledge Center.  

When we have consistent touchpoints, we can start to pick up on behavioral patterns from our Team Members.  Typically, we think of these patterns from a performance perspective, but we can also use these touchpoints to identify changes in mental or emotional patterns.   

It can be hard to tell what people are thinking and feeling, but with frequent touchpoints, we can start to gather an understanding of what to look for with our Team Members. As a Manager, you’re in a unique position to empower and support your Team Members in a way that best fits their needs.  Through check-ins, modeling, and regular affirmations, you can proactively support your Team Members and help them stay on an upward trajectory.   

  • Checking-In – Being intentional with our check-ins can make a major difference in showing our Team Members that we care about them more than just what they’re able to contribute for the organization.  Additionally, in a time where our personal and professional lives are more merged than ever, don’t be afraid to check-in with your Team Member as a whole person.  84% of employee believe that check-ins are important, with the younger generations believing that they are “very important” (YouGov). Next time you’re having a check-in, try to include a conversation about what your Team Members are doing to recharge or what they are most proud of from this past week.   
  • Reinforce Positive Behaviors with Spark – Whether it is celebrating a little win or recognizing a lot of hard workSpark can be used to boost a Team Member’s morale and confidence.  In fact, the engagement level of employees who receive recognition is almost three times higher than the engagement level of those who do not. The same survey showed that employees who receive recognition are also far less likely to quit. Keeping Team Members happy and engaged can be accomplished with regular recognition and appreciation. It is always a good feeling to know that one’s work is valued and appreciated, and Spark can help to drive that message.   
  • Use Trends to Stay Proactive – With our Trend Insights and Detailed Reporting, you can notice right away if someone’s performance dips or improves.  When someone is improving, we want to recognize their efforts and also monitor for any hints of burnout.  If someone is experiencing a drop in their performance, we want to approach this change with curiosity and encouragement.  When we approach this change with the goal of determining how we can best support this individual, we give the Team Member the opportunity to share their perspective and open up more.  This helps us to be better Managers and understand our team on a more individualized level, helping us to stay ahead of any Team Member obstacles.   
Updated on October 31, 2023

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