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June 2023 – Inclusion Leads to Feelings of Belonging

Hello Managers!

Hard to believe that we are quickly approaching the mid-way point of the year! Last month, we explored the importance of culture on engagement, productivity, and retention. In June, we’re taking this a step further and placing an emphasis on an inclusive culture and the positive impact it can have on the employee experience. Why? According to LinkedIn, “Belonging is a deep-rooted necessity in the human psyche and is the strongest force in engaging employees within the workplace.” 

Truvelop Tip: Inclusion Leads to Feelings of Belonging

Organizations with strong inclusion practices see a number of benefits, including better decision-making, boosted collaboration, greater retention, and greater profits (McKinsey). As a Manager, you drive the culture. You have the ability to foster feelings of belonging and ensure that your team feels valued and included. Ready to get started? 

Review Building Motivation and Engagement: Feelings of belonging are closely related to feelings of autonomy and relation. Our Building Motivation and Engagement resource from the Employee Resource Center is a great place to start assessing where your team might need some additional attention.  

Spark for Recognition: Celebrating your team’s efforts is a great way to drive feelings of inclusion. By highlighting the value your team is providing, you’re reminding them that they are a vital member of the team. Encourage your team to react to posts on the Recognition Wall to keep the feelings of belonging going. 

Check the Team Member Tab: It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day hustle. Check on the Team Member tab regularly to ensure none of your direct reports are falling through the cracks. With Last Spark Date and Total Sparks, you can ensure that you’re sharing feedback with your whole team regularly.  

An inclusive culture doesn’t have to be overly complicated. With regular check-ins, recognition, and two-way feedback, you can ensure your team feels like they belong and are included in your organization’s culture.  

Updated on October 30, 2023
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