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March 2021 – Employee Appreciation


As we enter a new month, it’s important to remind ourselves of the goals we set at the beginning of the year. As an organization and as a team, are you making progress towards those goals?  

Friday, March is National Employee Appreciation Day, make sure to celebrate your team members by posting to the Recognition Wall.  

  1. Continue to use your team members’ strengths to your advantage. Recognize team members on the Recognition WallCelebrate those A Players, encourage B Players, and find out more about the barriers C Players are facing 
  2. Increase communication between you and your team members through Spark. Give real-time feedback when it counts. Capture an idea, observation, interaction, discussion, or a coaching moment by making a quick note using the Spark functionalitySpark on your mobile device! 
  3. Use the data! Now that you’ve been collecting performance data on your direct reports, you’ve generated meaningful insights on the Team Member dashboard to help guide your management strategies. Track and trend team member’s progress and use the Proactive Management Cue Cards to create developmental opportunities.  

COVID continues to be an unpredictable factor; however, it’s important to consider what is predictable. In the podcast, Can’t Let It Go by Planet Money, the host talks about how in the midst of this uncertainty, we grasp onto the things we can control and do methodically. 

NPR host, Robert Smith, states “who knows what’s going to happen tomorrow in the stock market, with the pandemic, in politics – but I know what’s going to happen at noon,” referring to the curry he has made every day for lunch since the start of the pandemic.  

As a manager, what’s your curry? What reliable tools do you have to accomplish the goals your team and organization set out for 2021?

At Truvelop, we’re here to help you create more touch points to increase engagement and build trust within your team. For more Truvelop tips on how to best optimize our performance management tool, check out our how-to videos and other manager resources at the Knowledge Center 

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, but there is no luck needed here!  With our Evaluation Insights, we know exactly where our employees are today and how we can help them to succeed.   


When we’re looking at employee dashboards, we can see exactly where our employees are today.  Consistent evaluations take the guessing out of it, giving us an immediate snapshot into what our employees are doing well, how we can leverage their strengths, and what areas we can still focus in on to optimize growth.   

Our employees are the true pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, so let’s take the time to recognize employee efforts as they implement feedback and demonstrate their potential.  

  • Evaluation Insights can help us to identify employee strengths.  Gallup has found that “simply learning their strengths makes employees 7.8% more productive, and teams that focus on strengths every day have 12.5% greater productivity.”  Strength focused feedback can help your employees and your organization see more success! 
  • Utilize the Recognition WallShowing appreciation publicly can help individuals to feel valued within their organization, increasing engagement and productivity in the workplace.   
  • Be sure to reference our Proactive Management Cue Cards and our Manager Resource Center as you engage in conversations with your employees about their strengths and how they can leverage them more in their day-to-day output.   

For many of us, it can be all too easy to become our own toughest critic.  In this TedTalk, psychologist Shawn Achor shares how we can teach our minds to think more positively, leading to greater productivity and success.   

This is a great reminder for managers to regularly share positive feedback as it can be such a strong motivator for employees!

At Truvelop, we’re here to help you create more touch points to increase engagement and build trust within your team.  For more Truvelop tips on how to best optimize the tool, check out our how-to videos and other manager resources at the Knowledge Center. 


Updated on October 31, 2023
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