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March 2022 – Grow Authentically

Hello Managers! 

Did you know that March 5th is Employee Appreciation Day? Take the time to send a Praise Spark to your team and to let them know how much you appreciate all that they do! Have you sent a Group Spark yet? 

As we continue on our journey to create the best possible employee experience, we wanted to introduce the idea of a growth mindset.  If someone has a growth mindset, they believe that talent and intelligence can be improved.  They typically see challenges as a learning opportunity and embrace the idea of being uncomfortable in order to grow.  

Truvelop Tip: Facilitate a Growth Mindset 

When Team Members have a strong growth mindset, they are less likely to become discouraged or demotivated when presented with a challenge or a setback.  Instead, they embrace the opportunity for growth.  With so many organizations focusing on retention, having individual contributors that are resilient and engaged is a top priority.  As a Manager, you have the ability to develop a growth mindset in each of your direct reports.  Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

Share Action-Oriented Feedback: One of the key components of a growth mindset is believing that talents and skills can be improved and aren’t stagnant.  With Spark, it’s easy to document observations, share praise, and coach actions & behaviors by using employee performance tracking tools.  When delivering feedback, try to focus on the output, as this will always challenge the Team Member to reflect on what actions went well, and what can be improved.   

Inspire Reflection: Data-driven reflection can be extremely powerful.  When looking at Detailed Reporting, consider the Team Member’s performance journey.  In the next check-in, celebrate any obstacles or challenges the Team Member may have overcome.  Celebrating resiliency and progress is a great way to reinforce a growth mindset. 

Encourage Continuous Learning: Sometimes developing a growth mindset takes a bit of a nudge.  Whether you are encouraging goal-setting, highlighting training opportunities, or modeling a drive for continuous learning (for example sharing resources or attending classes/trainings), you’re helping to facilitate a growth mindset by pushing for continuous progress and development.   

Developing a growth mindset is crucial for sustaining engagement in the long-term.  Burnout can creep up if Team Members become demotivated each time a speed bump comes across their path.  As a Manager, you can support your team by reframing the narrative and focusing on the exhibited resiliency and the learning takeaways. Developing a consistent growth mindset may not happen overnight, but through regular encouragement and modeling the right behaviors, you can start to create a positive shift in the way that your team perceives a challenge.   

Inspiration of the week… 

As managers and leaders encourage continuous learning, it’s worth highlighting how other companies incorporate the concept. In the Netflix Growth Engineering Panel Discussionmanagers emphasize how important it is to prioritize learnings over wins. One of the engineers discussed how after working at the company for 7 years, she finally had her first win. Of course, we’d like to have wins more often, but it’s what an individual learns in the process that matters. Being confident in asking questions, having autonomy to try new approaches – these are all incredibly important in encouraging a growth mindset.  

Hello Managers! 

As we approach the end of the first quarter, it’s time to reflect on the goals set at the beginning of the year.  We recommend reflecting on the following questions: 

  1. What has been going well?   
  2. What are some major learning takeaways?   
  3. What do you want to prioritize in the quarter ahead?   
  4. Is there anything specific that you want to work on?   

Whenever you do a check-in with your team, it’s always a good practice to check-in with yourself too.  Reflecting on your experience as a Manager can only make you a stronger leader and help you to come more prepared for the next challenge.  

Truvelop Tip: Navigate Challenges Authentically 

This month, we’ve been placing a focus on a growth mindset.  We also want to balance that with navigating challenges authentically.  Sometimes there are going to be challenges that are difficult and just acknowledging that with your team can be very powerful.  As you continue to grow as a leader, take into consideration some of the tools and resources that you already have at your fingertips with Truvelop: 

  • Recognition: It’s important to celebrate all of the wins, big or small.  Even if an outcome didn’t go your way, it can be beneficial to recognize the learning takeaways and how those can help in the future.  If someone went above and beyond, you can publicly recognize and appreciate their efforts by using Spark to post to the Recognition Wall.  
  • Motivation:  Motivation fluctuates.  Sometimes you’re going to feel inspired and focused, and other times it is going to feel like a grind getting through the simplest of tasks.  This is normal!  However, by building up your autonomy, competence, and relatedness, you can start to mitigate the periods of low motivation.  As a Manager, your team looks to you for guidance, so by coming into work motivated, or at least committed, you’re modeling a productive behavior.  Maybe this is even an exercise you’ll want to explore with your team.  Want to learn more? Visit Building Motivation and Engagement in the Employee Resource Center.   
  • Growth Mindset Reflection:  Developing a growth mindset doesn’t happen overnight.  It will require some reflection and habit-building efforts.  For additional guidance on how you can encourage a growth mindset with your team during check-ins, check out our latest guide: Growth Mindset Reflection.   

As you work to develop a growth mindset, try sharing your experience with your team.  Which goals have you met this quarter? What have you learned? Are there any that you didn’t meet? What will you do differently going forward to ensure that they’re met in the future? Focusing on your learning takeaways throughout the goal-setting journey is a great way to practice building your growth mindset and can even better prepare you for development check-ins with your team.   

Updated on October 31, 2023

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