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March 2024 – Invest in Growth with Coaching

Hello Managers!

Many managers struggle to share constructive feedback. They may be worried with how the employee will receive the feedback so they tend to avoid the conversation and just focus on the positives. This isn’t fair to the employee. Employees deserve to know where they stand and what they can do to grow.  

Truvelop Tip: Invest in Growth with Coaching 

Delivering constructive feedback doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, it can be a great way to build trust and motivation. When managers deliver coaching feedback in person and with a focus on a growth opportunity, employees can feel supported and challenged in an engaging and inspiring way. When delivering coaching feedback, keep the following elements in mind:

  • Celebrate Progress: Reinforce a growth mindset by celebrating what the employee has already accomplished. This reminds the employee that their efforts are noticed and making an impact, encouraging them to continue to develop their skills.
  • Reinforce Belief in Their Potential: Tell the employee that you’re excited about their potential and want to see them perform at their best. By investing in their development and focusing on opportunities for growth, you’re helping the employee grow with your team and move up in the organization.
  • Emphasize the “Why”: When delivering coaching feedback, spend time exploring the impact that their actions can have. When employees understand why you’re asking them to put in the effort to develop, they’re going to be more bought in and more likely to put the feedback into action.

Coaching is part of the employee journey. Without constructive feedback, it is hard for employees to improve or grow. Stay proactive and coach in the moment to prevent little issues from turning into big problems. Your team will appreciate your transparency and feel supported in their development.

Updated on March 6, 2024
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