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May 2023 – Drive the Culture

Hello Managers!

Last month we talked about how investing in your people’s development pays off, but what about investing in your organization’s culture? An organization’s culture is like the secret sauce of success.  Each organization has a different defined mission, vision, and values, but the people are what bring a culture to life.  Without a positive culture, an organization may find themselves falling short on executing their purpose.

Truvelop Tip: Drive the Culture

As a manager, you can truly bring your organization’s culture to life.  You can live out the core values in your day-to-day role and even facilitate those values with your team.  Ready to get started?

Define the ideal culture:  Before you can bring the culture to life, you first need to identify the behaviors that exemplify the ideal culture.  Does your organization have core values? What are they and what do they look like in action?

Proactively develop your team:  Adopting proactive development practices will be crucial for retention and growth. Know where your team stands with regular check-ins and then document progress with Spark to ensure that both parties are on the same page and are able to stay focused on the top growth priorities.

Align culture to employee aspirations:  Culture starts with the employees. If an employee isn’t bought into the culture, then they might not be bought into your organization. This could lead to turnover! Try connecting your organization’s culture to the employee’s personal purpose and core values to generate greater buy-in and engagement.

Culture plays a big role in the employee experience and is often reinforced by the manager. Your team looks to you for guidance and modeling on what the standards of behavior are, so it’s important that you set the tone and drive your organization’s culture.


Updated on October 30, 2023

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