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November 2022 – Renew Commitment

Hello Managers! 

One of the biggest perks to using Truvelop is that the year-end employee assessment isn’t a bulky, high-pressure review.  Instead, it is celebratory in nature, growth-focused, and is a great opportunity to renew focus and commitment from your team.  Are you ready to meet with your team and reflect on the themes of 2022? 

Truvelop Tip: Renew Commitment for the Year Ahead

The way that you close out 2022 is going to carry into 2023, so it’s important to have meaningful year-end reflections with each team member. Not sure where to start? Truvelop has a number of tools and guides to make the year-end reflection a seamless experience.  

Generate a Report: Before you meet 1:1, you may want to gather all that you know about this Team Member.  By Generating a Report, you can download a PDF that includes each Evaluation, Comment, and Spark shared with this Team Member, making it easy to identify achieved milestones, gained skills, and any lasting obstacles.  

Conversation Starters: In October’s Lunch and Learn, the Truvelop team shared some potential Conversation Starters you can use in your 1:1 conversation.  By encouraging the Team Member to be an active participant in the reflection process, you are starting the process of renewing their commitment.  They are owning their performance progress and being reminded of their impact and potential for further growth.   

Coaching Culture Year-End Conversation Guide: Looking for a step-by-step approach to the year-end conversation? Check out the latest addition to the Knowledge Center.  In the upcoming weeks, we will be adding a page for each step of the Coaching Culture journey, ensuring that you have the support and guidance to navigate each Team Member touchpoint with confidence. 


The end of the year will be here before you know it! By scheduling your 1:1’s now, you can beat the holiday rush and ensure that your team is able to close out 2022 with renewed feelings of support, inspiration, and commitment.  

Updated on October 30, 2023

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