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September 2022 – Prioritize the Relationship

For the last two months, we’ve been talking about Self-Determination Theory and it involves three pillars for driving motivation and engagement.  We’ve covered autonomy and competence, so it’s time to finish up with relatedness.  

Relatedness is the idea that an individual feels connected to their environment.  Team Members need to have strong relationships with their team, their Manager(s), and their organization as a whole.  We can think of this as a two-way street: Employees want to feel valued by their team and proud of the organization brand, and the organization wants to ensure that their Team Members receive support and guidance to successfully execute their role.   

Truvelop Tip: Prioritize the Relationship

When days get hectic and the tasks stack up, it can be easy to let a check-in get pushed to the side.  However, managers account for as much as 70% of variance in employee engagement scores (Gallup), so it’s crucial you prioritize check-ins and employee assessments with your team by making time to connect on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.  Need help getting started? Check out these check-in topics: 

Personal Check-In: What do you know about each of your direct reports? What inspires them to come to work each day? When they talk about a work-life balance, what are they most looking forward to outside of work?  Be sure to keep the human element in your check-ins to ensure that your Team Member doesn’t feel like just a cog in the machine. Check out Building Motivation and Engagement for additional conversation starters around supporting a work-life balance.  

Engagement Check-In: Have you heard of the term “quiet quitting”?  Quiet quitting is the idea that more employees are showing up to work and only doing the bare minimum as a way to cope with burnout and set stronger boundaries.  While this isn’t a bad thing, it’s important to see what is needed to inspire these steady performers to perform at their best.  To do this, first understand what’s going well, what does the Team Member like most out of their role, and what do they want to do differently going forward.  Check out the IDP guide Thinking About my Motivators for additional guidance.  

Brand Commitment Check-In: You could have an incredibly engaged Team Member, but if they don’t believe in what they’re doing, then they won’t perform at their best.  Do you know your organization’s values? How can you incorporate them more frequently into your daily touchpoints? Celebrate a Team Member who is living out the organization mission with a post to the Recognition Wall.  

Here at Truvelop, we believe in the phrase “Employees leave Managers, not organizations.”  That’s why we spend so much time trying to equip you with the performance management tools and resources to effectively lead and inspire your team.  We’re here as a resource to you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with feedback, questions, or ideas.   

Updated on October 30, 2023

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