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TM Q1 2022 – Establish a Direction

Happy 2022!  At the start of every year, it’s always a good practice to set goals for the year ahead, both personally and professionally.  

January Truvelop Tip: Reflect & Make the Most of Your 2022 Goals

As you plan for the year ahead, it’s important to take advantage of the tools at your fingertips. Have you visited the Team Member Resource Center? There are a few key resources for you to check out! 

  • Building Motivation and Engagement. Are you having trouble motivating yourself? Or, are you curious on how to make the most of your intrinsic motivators? Whether you’re looking for a starting place, or looking to build on current understanding of your performance, you can be proactive in your development by knowing where your motivation comes from.  

  • Send a Spark to a Team Member or Manager who deserves praise. Was there a Team Member or Manager that helped you achieve a big task? Or an individual who went above and beyond to support you at some point last year? We all want to feel valued and recognized for the work we do. You have the tool to do exactly that! Remember, you can choose Recognition Wall as the Spark Category if you think the Praise should be recognized publicly and company-wide. 

  We hope 2022 is off to a great start for you! 

In February, we’re highlighting just how important your individual role is.  We’re reflecting on what you bring to the table and how you contribute to your team and organization.  Your contribution matters! 

February Truvelop Tip: Leverage Your Strengths

Everyone has a slightly different background and brings a unique perspective to their role.  Understanding and leveraging your strengths can help you tap into your potential, increase motivation, and have a more engaging employee experience.   

  • Identify Your Strengths and Motivators: Before identifying a path forward, it’s important to take the time to reflect on your current talents and strengths.  Not sure where to start?  Try using our Individual Development Planning Guides.   


  • Reflect on Current Performance: Performance changes over time, so understanding what you currently do well can help you reflect on what to prioritize going forward.  Maybe you’ve recently developed an aptitude for a specific task.  Where else can you leverage this skill?  To reflect on your performance, spend some time in My Dashboard and see what feedback has been left for you throughout this performance period from your employee assessment   
  • Set Goals with a Purpose: Whether you are setting a personal or professional goal, it’s important to make sure the goal is meaningful and worth putting your efforts towards.  Next time you’re setting a goal, think about how it connects to your organization’s mission and values.  By creating a personal or emotional investment into your work, you’re more likely to feel engaged, motivated, and inspired to perform at your best.   

Remember, your contribution matters!  You are a valuable part of your team and play a crucial role in your team’s success.  With Employee Appreciation Day coming up on March 5th, we wanted to take the time to say a special thank you for all that you do.  We’re proud to have you in the Truvelop community!  

Updated on October 31, 2023

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