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A great coach believes in their members’ potential and provides the support they need to believe in it as well. “Building a strong foundation of competence and confidence is a great way to keep your team feeling engaged, valued, and inspired. An inspired Team Member can tap into their full potential and stay longer with your organization.

Frequent Check-ins

“Check-ins can serve many different purposes, but ultimately should achieve the main goal of bringing Managers and Employees together in a proactive, meaningful, and intentional way.”
Quick and frequent check-ins may create a better flow of communication (more informal and relaxed) while removing the tension of an evaluation meeting.

Positive Feedback

When providing feedback, frame it positively to build employees’ motivation (i.e., instead of pointing out a “failure,” point out a “growth opportunity”). Sometimes better communication lies in awareness and better word choice. Reinforce your support for the Team Member and your belief in their potential.

Prioritize Wellbeing

Employees feel cared for when their leaders show genuine interest in their well-being. Monitoring and supporting Team Members’ well-being ultimately comes down to communication. Communicating regularly and productively can help to ensure that no employee falls through the cracks. Truvelop makes that communication easy.

The Truvelop Way

By caring for their team members, knowing them on a deeper level, and being aware of their needs, leaders create a coaching culture where people can develop into their full potential. Truvelop is here to facilitate this process with our intuitive platform and support team.

Truvelop Best Practices

Remember that Truvelop is only a performance management tool; What you do with it as a manager is what will impact your results. With that in mind, the Truvelop team would like to share some best practices for you to maximize the tool’s effectiveness, fully utilizing the entire platform.

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Coaching Culture Guides

Some managers may want to have specific conversations at specific periods of time. The Coaching Culture guides take into consideration where the Team Member is in their journey, helping you to tailor your approach to each specific type of check-in.

Updated on October 23, 2023
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